The Price To Pay For Success

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You have to pay the price of success if you want to succeed.

Who can tell me?

What’s the price that one must pay

To have the sweet joy of success?

No one succeeds who pays no price;

Pay the price,

And the success you want is yours;

Pay no price,

And the success you want eludes you!

What then is this price to pay?

Which opens such a door to success?

Do you know?

Tell me if you know.

Tell me the price to pay;

That success may come

And smile at me.

Can a student or pupil succeed in their studies without paying a price?

Not at all!

Only those who pay the price succeed.

Success is a common aspiration. There is hardly a student who does not want to succeed. Yet, not all of them will succeed. Some will succeed; and some will fail. What makes the difference? It comes from many sources:

Hard work

Hard work is one big price to pay for success. Very often, the student who does very well is the one who works hardest. If they work hard enough, they may come top of their class or thereabout and feature on the honor roll. Thus, they will become the pride of their family, their school and, in some cases, their entire village. That would be real glamor, wouldn’t it? It would; and worth the price.

Success does not come on easier terms. It cannot be emphasized enough: the price of success is hard work. The words of one of the greatest scientists of all times, Thomas Edison say it all in words so powerful that they will never leave me: “Genius is one percent inspiration; 99% percent perspiration.”

The literary giant, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow thinks on the same lines. Hear him:

“The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.”

These inspiring words of Mr. Longfellow recall to my mind those of one of my most distinguished professors, Professor Bernard Nsokika Fonlon. He put it brilliantly when he said the student who wants to succeed must “shun delights and live laborious days.”

The value of hard work can never be over-emphasized.

There are many stories of people who made it to the top only because they worked hard. One person that I read about with a lot of relish talked about an American known as Henry Kaiser. As the story goes, he became an outstanding personality only because early in his life his mother taught him the value of work.

She would tell him: “Henry. Nothing is ever accomplished without work. If I leave you nothing else but the will to work, I will have left you the priceless gift: the joy of work.”

This alone did wonders for Henry. It touched his heart, spurred him up and he went on to work so hard that nothing stopped him from hitting the top.

Beginning on day one of the school year, the students who want to come out victorious at the end must begin to negotiate their success through hard work. They must learn to work a little harder; work a little longer; and work a little better every day.

Yet, not all hard work brings results.

It will be an error to think that all hard work brings positive results. It is not enough to work hard. To get desired results, other ingredients are necessary.

Organize your work.

Working haphazardly, no matter how hard you may work will not produce remarkable results. Your work must be methodical, focused and persistent.

Pay attention in class

The student who wants to succeed must be attentive in class.

Be ready to learn

You must be ready to learn. This demands that you leave pride aside, be humble and respectful and listen to your teachers and the school authorities who are there for your success. Without this attitude success may be difficult.

Make God your senior partner.

They labor in vain, who labor alone.

Hard work is not enough

Attentiveness will not make it;

Neither shall diligence and dedication

To ensure anyone’s success

No matter how great they may be

Without the help of the author of all success

And that’s no other than the almighty God.

No wise student will attempt to depend all on their own ability to succeed. We succeed best when God is our senior partner in our success race.

Oprah Winfrey gives great advice to follow on this; work as if all depended only on hard work and pray as if all depended only on prayers.

Depend on God. Put Him at the center. As a great writer says, “Education without God is like a ship without a compass.” If education is to be worth its salt, it has to be God-centered. I agree fully with Christian Cardinal Tumi: “an intellectual without moral principles is a danger to himself and to society. A man without moral principles is to be feared. He is capable of any evil.”

With God then, as the source of your strength, and the heart of your aspiration, you must go for the summit in your educational pursuit.

Keep on Keeping on

Once you make a good beginning, the chances are on your side. But you must stay put; and stick to it until the desired results come. Unfortunately for many students, they start off very well but lack the wisdom and stamina to keep going. They give up before the golden crown is won.

Harold Blake Walker talks about this:

“There are two significant characteristics of every great life. The first is the capacity to make a good beginning and the second is courage to push on to a good ending. One of the saddest things of life,” he says, “is to see a man begin some worthy venture revealing great promise and then watch him flounder into failure for lack of courage to push on through frustration and disappointments. A life of triumph hinges on firm faith for rugged times.”

Do not let this happen to you. Do not start well and let success slip through your fingers and vanish into thin air because you failed to stay on.

Use your time well

You have as good a chance as any other student to make it with flying colors. What I have said so far boils down to one thing. The one thing that will make a difference between you and other students when it comes to academic performance is the way you use your time.

Waste your time,

Waste your chances of success;

Make the most of your time,

Make the most of your chances of success;

Success will be yours;

Success will come knocking on your door.

What goes for the student goes for any other person who wants to enjoy the sweet taste of success. You must make the most of your time then, and let nothing stand on your way. Go for it; and enjoy its sweet taste when it comes.


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