My disappointment, my blessing

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We often hear that a disappointment can be a blessing in disguise. While some people believe this, many do not. And because they don’t believe, they take disappointment very badly; and even give up.

I believe that every disappointment is a blessing in disguise. But you have to be the one to turn it into a blessing. It will not happen by itself. The very good news is it can happen.

I used to doubt whenever I heard this statement. I no longer doubt because I have seen it happen time and time again. It is happening right here under my own very eyes with our brand new blog more professionally designed than what we’ve lost.

And this is not all. I see the team getting more motivated and energized. Surely, what lies ahead is much bigger that any of us ever imagined.

I know better understand what is meant when we are asked to turn our stumbling blocks into stepping stones. You will come across many stumbling blocks on your way to victory. Each time you come to one, two options present themselves in front of you: either to give up, or to keep going.

Winners do not give up. They find a way to keep going. The science of success teaches that the stumbling block could be a way God is telling you to change your method and adopt a better method.

Bear in mind also that you can hardly succeed alone. Our success is always the sum of the effort of many people, some near and some far. There are good people in the world who will willingly lend you a hand if they know your plight. Your duty is to pray that God may reveal such people to you; and inspire you to get in touch with them.

Success is a great challenge. It doesn’t come to everybody. But it is open to all. If you go after it the


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