If You Are The Thief…

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If You Are The Thief…

Has a thief visited me?
Has a man of the underworld
visited my home?
Has someone come in the night
To steal from me?
To take away what is mine?
Tell him he will not succeed;
That he will fail;
That I am divinely protected;
No one takes away what’s mine,
However powerful they may be;
What I have earned
Through the sweat of my brow;
No one snatches away;
God knows
I suffered so much for it,
I worked hard
To build what you want
To take away so easily,
To use your superior power
In a corrupt world,
Where the strong suppress,
And exploit;
And cheat the weak;
That will not work with me;
I sweated for my due;
And cried to the Lord;
And he did it for me;
It took me years of labour;
Hard labour;
Day in, day out;
Day and night, I sweated;
I laboured;
I slept late;
Got up early;
On it I toiled,
Without relenting;
I put in all I had;
Can you come from nowhere;
And use your power,
And take it from me?
Will God let it happen?
He won’t;
That I know so well!
His ways I know so well;
Clearly he’s promised me;
As he protects the innocent,
He will protect me;
He will preserve for me
What is mine;
In sunshine and in rain;
They labour in vain then,
Who want to take away
what is mine;
Which I suffered,
And honestly built.
Are you the one
Trying to steal from me?
If you are the thief,
Waste not your time.
Woefully you will fail.
You have already failed;
My cry has entered the ears
Of the Lord.
Who is on my side.
The Lord is for me;
I will triumph.
The Lord is my armour.


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