Don’t Be A Push-Over

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Do you wish to be a leader? That is a good ambition.  Then be strong.  Learn to stand on your feet.  Do not be weak. Do not be a vegetable.  Be firm.  Stick to what you believe is right and say no to anyone who wants to push you around.Many around you would like to push you around.  

They would like you to dance to their tune; to be a vegetable.  You must say no to this.I refuse to be a vegetable; a push-around. When I set out to do something, I know exactly where I want to go; and how to get there. It is not another person to tell me where to go or how to get there.

Of course, I know that I need others to succeed.  I know that no one succeeds alone; that a General, no matter how great and wise he may be can fight and win a war alone; but this does not give room to anyone to be the captain of my ship.

It just means that I must be open to help; open to support; open to new ideas; and I am; but still, I captain my own ship; I pilot my own plane; I paddle my own boat.I am aware that those who want me to be a vegetable want to be able to squeeze me as they like for their own interest.  

They want to be able to push me around to serve their ends. And they will use all ways to manipulate me: persuasion flattery, intimidation, enticements.I will never be a leader if I am a push-around. The question that a lot of people ask is what to do to stand strong when others want to push them around? 

Of course, you must be intelligent.  You must be wise enough to see the foxes coming when they are still kilometers away.  You must know where you are going and how to get there.  This will make you self-confident; and you will be able to set out decisively.  When you do, those who wish to push you around would think twice.  

If you fall among those who like to push others around, know that it is not everybody that they can push around. Why should you, in any case, want to push another around, in the first place?

If we have respect for one another as human beings created in the image of God, no one would want another to be a vegetable; no one would want to squeeze another or push another around.  

If you are the type that likes to push people around, consider your ways.  This is not what God expects of you especially if you are a Christian.

Let no one try to push another around; let us treat every other person as we want others to treat us.  This will make the world an excellent place for everybody.

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