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I saw a picture recently on the internet of the U.S. Capitol as remodeling changed the stage. It is a staggering image. Behind a surrounding chain-link fence and razor wire was the military standing guard for intruders. You can’t get in the Capitol, and you can’t get out, regardless of your status. It reminded me of the protests and pictures in the sixties shared on the DMZ (the demilitarized zone).

Our country is changing guard. The establishment lies in ruins, and God, alone, whom we trust, will free us from the hypocrisy. America, referred to by Amerigo Vespucci as the New World, sent Columbus on a fishing expedition for better lands. We all know that conclusion.

Today it’s not about Republicans or Democrats, but what is acceptable within a government party. Freedom is only for the wealthy, and all others do as I say, not as I do. Our capital, once full of vibrancy, now resembles the battle scars of earlier wars.

I cannot emphasize the urgency of Christians committing to the old dusty leather-bound, for it is coming true. When a 36-year-old removes the freedom of the most powerful man on earth, well… hide and watch! So, we stand at the threshold of what we simply describe as bittersweet.

It is written that the last days of the tribulation will be dark. The mark of the beast, such as blackouts and antibodies to a vaccine, will be forthcoming. Are we supposed to be excited? Each time I hear a siren, I pray Christ is on His final journey to save believers from this hell and damnation.

Our government, though, is only the tip of the problem. I listened to a defector from China say, “the next 9/11 won’t be on Earth, but in space.” If that happens, then welcome back to the not-so roaring twenties. “Back to Future” will be a pipedream.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the Bible is right. The Book of Revelations is on target a mere two thousand years later. God warned Noah that He was furious with the world’s sins, so I can only imagine what He is thinking now.

Oh, it’s bittersweet, alright! I am standing like Samuel, ready to do battle. (1 Samuel 7-17). Only God can deliver us from this atrocity, just as the Philistines drew nearer to battle against Israel. Christians, build your own Ebenezer, an altar unto the Lord. Set your faith upon the pillar of stone because blood will be shed and lives lost in this battle. Just as in Samuel’s war, the struggle will be bittersweet, but it needs to be fought for our great land.

Oh, how I pray expeditiously! Only our Father in heaven can protect us now. The lines are drawn, for we are staring down the cocked barrel to self-destruction. I often thought our demise would be a religious war, but I was wrong. It is greed and power who will preside on the throne.

It is bittersweet to witness the Bible’s prophecies unfolding on our own city streets, but the time has come. God can’t send his Son fast enough to deal with Satan at his finest hour! As bittersweet as it is, the world we grew up in, one of joy and happiness, will be no more. We are now prey to the sign of the times, and the Bible leaves little to doubt… bittersweet as it is.

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